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Airistech Diamond

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The Airistech Diamond Kit is a cutting-edge cartridge battery vaporizer that utilizes an advanced automatic firing method for ultimate convenience.

Measuring in at around 2.5" tall by 1" long and just under 0.5" wide, the Diamond Vaporizer from Airistech entirely fits in the palm of your hand for stealthy vape sessions on the go. With such a compact size and lightweight construction (~0.5 oz), the Diamond Vaporizer makes the perfect device for use during travel. Simply drop it into a pants or jacket pocket and enjoy your favorite oils at just a moment's notice without being weighed down everywhere you go.

The innovative automatic firing function eliminates the need for any type of button. This will help to prevent the possibility of misfires to ultimately preserve your essential oils and battery life for as long as possible. Not only will this help you to get the absolute most out of your material, but the automatic firing mechanism also adds to Diamond's ease of use on the go. At just a moment's notice, you can grab your Diamond Vaporizer, begin inhaling and the vape itself will do the rest of the work for you, heating your essential oil cartridge until your inhale has finished.

Each of Airistech's Diamond Vaporizers comes complete with a 510 thread essential oil vape cartridge (see options) that can be swapped out with several other similar models currently on the market (including most pre-filled measuring up to 10.5mm in diameter). Just as Airistech's Mystica series, the Diamond Vaporizer utilizes the innovative 510 thread magnetic connection system that makes replaces cartridges with a quick and effortless process. Just attach one of the included mini connector rings to the cartridge of your choice, drop the entire attachment into Diamond's housing and you are ready to go in just a matter of seconds.

Airistech's Diamond Vaporizer also comes equipped with an oil window on each side of the device that grants you a full view of your essential oil cartridge. This allows you to get an idea of when it may be time to refill next without requiring you to open or take anything apart.

This device also features an embedded 280mAh battery that will vape for days on end before eventually dying out. When that time comes simply connect to the included USB charging cable to get a quick recharge in just a couple of hours. If you are on the inpatient side and prefer not to wait to vape, just connect to your charger and the pass-through function will allow you to vape as normal (this will cause the Diamond to charge at a slower rate.

Airistech Diamond Features & Specs

  • Stealthy Cartridge Battery with Automatic Firing
  • Guaranteed Authentic Airistech Brand Product / Newest Version
  • Lightweight, Compact, and Ultra-Portable
  • Dimensions: 28.5mm x 62mm x 15mm
  • Weight: 1.2 oz (Battery Only)
  • Innovative Draw-Activated Firing: No buttons, just inhale
  • Convenient 510 Thread Magnetic Connection System (2 Adapters included)
  • Wide 510 Cartridge Port Fits Attachments Up to 10.5mm in Diameter
  • Premium 280mAh Lithium-ion Battery
  • Quick USB Charging with Passthrough
  • Innovative LED Indicator: Red while charging/off when charged)
  • 4 Sleek color Options Available


    • 1 x Airistech Diamond Auto Battery
    • 1 x Empty 0.8mL Refillable Cartridge (see options)
    • 2 x Magnetic Connector Rings
    • 1 x USB Charging Cable
        Color: Red