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4 Unique Ways To Administer CBD

4 Unique Ways To Administer CBD

Most cannabidiol users are very familiar with CBD oil - the traditional CBD product that can be taken sublingually or added to various foods and beverages. However, CBD oil is far from the only solution you can use to experience the beneficial effects of CBD.

Nowadays, the market is full of different types and variations of CBD products that you can buy and enjoy, including CBD gummies, capsules, or salves. However, instead of focusing on such popular ways to take CBD, we would like to bring your attention to some other, more unusual ways to get your daily CBD dose.

Read the article below and decide which of the unique ways to administer CBD is the right choice for you!

Use a Vaporizer to Administer CBD

While smoking hemp has a long tradition and many fans, it isn't necessarily the healthiest way to consume CBD. This is because when hemp burns, it releases toxic byproducts that can potentially irritate your lungs and throat.

If you want to enjoy smoking CBD while avoiding the negative side effects, it's best to use a vaporizer. A vaporizer is a type of electronic device that heats dry herbs (including CBD) to extract the active ingredients and release them in the form of inhalable vapor.

Cannabinoids generally start to vaporize at around 280F but don't combust until they reach nearly 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Most vaporizers operate in that temperature range, although some models allow users to choose the exact temperature that suits them.

For example, you could buy wax pen online to smoke CBD in the form of wax, shatter, rosin, budder, and crumble. It allows you to take your daily dose of cannabidiol on the go.

Smoke CBD With a One-Hitter Pipe

One-hitter pipes, also known as 'bats' or 'taster bats' are small pipes that are designed to be used with a small quantity of herb material. One-hitter pipes are usually very small and narrow, so they can only hold enough hemp or cannabis for a single hit.

That low capacity makes them perfect for those who want to experience the benefits of smoking CBD while conserving their hemp at the same time.

One-hitter pipes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find one that perfectly suits your smoking style and preferences.

You can choose between different materials such as glass or metal, or even settle on a cigarette-like design. That last form of ‘bat’ is especially useful to those who want to enjoy smoking CBD in public without attracting too much attention.

Use a Bong to Smoke CBD

If you want to enjoy a bigger hit of CBD while still using the smoking method, you can use a bong. Bong is a device designed for smoking tobacco and dry herbs, and since it is much bigger than a one-hitter pipe, it can accommodate more hemp at the same time.

Bongs have some significant advantages over traditional rolls. With traditional rolls, most of the smoke will be lost in the air, meaning that less of the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes will actually enter your body. Bongs allow you to inhale much deeper, which means you will actually get to intake more of the cannabinoids released from the plant material.

This also makes it more economical to smoke. After all, you will need less CBD plant material to achieve the same level of effects as with a CBD roll.

When smoke in bongs goes through layers of water, it gets cooled down in the process. This can significantly improve the smoothness and texture of the smoke, making it more pleasant to inhale. As such, smoking CBD with a bong is an excellent way to avoid coughing and discomfort that's typical for traditional CBD joints.

As bongs are a one-off investment, they can last you for years to come as long as you take good care of them. That means bongs can help you save money on rolling papers and filters.

Get a CBD Bath Bombs 

CBD bath bombs are a great way to unwind and relax after a long day. They are infused with cannabidiol, which helps you achieve an enjoyable experience, and as a bonus, you will also get the benefits of using CBD topically.

CBD bath bombs usually contain essential oils that can provide additional aromatherapy effects. The exact ingredients depend on the manufacturer, but the most common scents used in CBD bath bombs may include eucalyptus, lavender, or peppermint.

Using CBD bath bombs is a very straightforward and quick process. All you have to do is fill the bathtub with hot water and then drop the CBD bath bomb into it. Wait until it completely dissolves, and stir the water a bit to distribute the CBD evenly. After that, you can enjoy your bath!


As you can see, there are many unique ways to use CBD and get its beneficial effects. You can use a one-hitter pipe or a bong to smoke CBD or switch to a vaporizer if you want to avoid the potential negative effects of smoking.

Finally, if you are looking for a more relaxing and unique experience, you can always make use of CBD bath bombs.

If you are getting tired of using traditional methods such as CBD oil or capsules, feel free to experiment with some of the unique ways to administer CBD and find the one that works best for you! Good luck!

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