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9 Amazing E-Juice Recipes That You'll Love To Make

9 Amazing E-Juice Recipes That You'll Love To Make

The e-liquid market is constantly expanding, with brands coming up with unique flavors to appeal to users. Today, diverse flavor choices allow users to experiment and identify the perfect options to match their taste. But vape enthusiasts often find joy in crafting custom flavors or clone popular e-liquid flavors at home. 

DIY e-liquids offer a vast scope to enhance your creativity and love for vaping. It also ensures that you choose high-quality ingredients in your e-liquid cocktail for a perfect vaping experience.

Creating e-liquids at home is a straightforward process if followed correctly. Here are nine elegant recipes for DIY e-liquids to try at home.

What do You need?

One of the biggest reasons behind this is the use of high-quality ingredients in the perfect ratio that brings together a delicious mixture of flavors. With some basic elements, you can create your custom flavors or clone popular flavors with ease. To create such fantastic e-liquids you will need-

VG – Vegetable Glycerin has great consistency and supports slow absorption and offers vapor density.

PG – Propylene Glycol that is less consistent but gives an intense throat hit.

Nicotine - Optional [You can choose from variable strengths available based on your requirement]

Flavorings - Names of various e-liquid flavor manufacturers in the market. [Buy DIY Flavors product range]

  • TPA - The Perfumers Apprentice
  • TFA - The Flavor Apprentice
  • FA - FlavorArt
  • FW - Flavor West
  • CAP - Capella Flavors
  • DV - Decadent Vapours

DIY E-liquid

The first step to create your e-liquid is to decide the total quantity you would like to prepare. For example, if you are going to prepare 100 ml of e-liquid, then 40% VG in the recipe would mean 40 ml.

Similarly, you can go through the percentage of each ingredient, including nicotine, for each recipe. We have mentioned the total number of days to steep the liquid to ensure the flavors are enhanced and bold when you vape. 

1. Cloned Castle Long

If you are a fan of the castle long e-liquid, this homemade recipe will be the perfect clone of this amazing flavor. The roasted almond butter dominates the aroma of this mixture. You can experiment with a few fruit flavors to balance the bourbon to create your variation.

  • VG 45%
  • PG 45%
  • Steeping 8 days
  • Flavoring Percentages
  • 1%    Vanilla
  • 1%    Bourbon Vanilla
  • 1%    Brown Sugar Extra
  • 1.5% Coconut Extra
  • 1.5% Toasted Almond 
  • 1.5% Acetyl Pyrazine[5%] 
  • 2.5% Kentucky Bourbon 

2. Dr. Pepper

Recreating the original flavors of the all-time favorite Dr. Pepper drink, this recipe is the perfect balance of spice and sweet. While the flavor is already punchy, you can add the nicotine strength of your choice to elevate the experience.

  • VG 39.5%
  • PG 39.5%
  • Steeping 8 hours
  • Flavoring Percentage
  • 1%  Cinnamon Spice                                           
  • 4%  Cola                                                             
  • 5%   Black Cherry                                             
  • 11% Plum                                                       

3. Mustard Milk

A stunning combination of strawberry and vanilla ice cream, this creamy mixture subtly balances the two flavors to create an extraordinary e-liquid.

  • VG 43%
  • PG 43%
  • Steeping 1 Week
  • Flavoring Percentage
  • 6% Strawberry                                                   
  • 8% Vanilla Bean Ice Cream                              

4. Pumpkin Pie

Inspired from the aromatic pumpkin pie that brims with a festive vibe, this recipe brings your favorite thanksgiving flavors to your vape pens. The combination of delicious flavors in this e-liquid cocktail is quite an exciting choice to explore.

  • VG 64.8%
  • PG 16.2%
  • Steeping 4 Days
  • Flavoring Percentage
  • 3% Sweet Cream                                                  
  • 3% Malted Milk                                                        
  • 3% Vanilla Cupcake                                                  
  • 3% Pumpkin                                                              
  • 7% Pumpkin Spice                                                  

5. Candy Bar

Candy Bar brings together a striking combination of sweet flavors to tantalize your taste buds. The elegant flavor mixture is the perfect choice for easing your sweet tooth and bringing back a rush of childhood memories.

  • VG 40%
  • PG 40%
  • Steeping 10 Days
  • Flavoring Percentage
  • 1.5% Sweetener  
  • 3.5% Caramel 
  • 5% Peanut Butter
  • 5% Double Chocolate
  • 5% Marshmallow

6. Strawberry Fog

Strawberry fog sums up all your favorite desserts into a single recipe that is strikingly sweet and creamy. It is among the most delicious e-liquid cocktails to prepare at home.

  • VG 60.8%
  • PG 15.2%
  • Steeping 10 Days
  • Nicotine Strength  4%

Flavoring Percentage

  • 2% Vanilla Custard                                                     
  • 3% Bavarian Cream                                                  
  • 5% Cheese Cake                                                     
  • 10% Strawberry                                                       

7. Dragon's Blood

Dragon`s blood blends a spectrum of ingredients with complex taste profiles that leaves a fresh and fruity after-feeling. The unique combination of dragon fruit with blood orange makes it a quirky choice for vaping.

  • VG 34.36%
  • PG 51.54%
  • Steeping 6 days

Flavoring Percentage

  • 0.5% Papaya                                                        
  • 0.5% MTS Vape Wizard                                          
  • 0.8% Sweet Tangerine                                        
  • 0.8% Super Sweet                                              
  • 1% Lime                                                                
  • 1% Polar Blast                                                            
  • 1% Menthol                                                                
  • 1.5% Double Apple                                            
  • 3% Nectarine                                                          
  • 4% Dragonfruit                                                          

8. Herbal Infusion

This herbal infusion flavor is for all the green tea enthusiasts as it brings out the enchanting green aroma effortlessly with hints of fruity flavors. 

  • VG 23.55%
  • PG 54.95%
  • Steeping 2 Weeks
  • Nicotine Strength 3%

Flavoring Percentage

  • 2% Dragon Fruit
  • 2.5% Green Tea
  • 3% Very Vanilla
  • 4% Pomegranate Deluxe
  • 5% Honeysuckle
  • 5% Peach

9. Cloned Halo Malibu

Cloning the taste of Halo Malibu, this recipe brings together refreshing flavors of coconut, pineapple, and rum with hints of menthol.

  • VG 42%
  • PG 42%
  • Steeping  3 Hours

Flavoring Percentage

  • 1.5% Jamaican Rum
  • 1.5% Koolada
  • 13% Pina Colada

These are some of the most popular e-liquid recipes that have managed to become user favorites. With the help of the right flavor concentrates and high-quality ingredients, you can craft some perfect e-liquids for a fun vaping experience. Try these simple DIY recipes at home and experiment with these selections to create your own cocktails.


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