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How Long Does Kratom Last in Our Body?

How Long Does Kratom Last in Our Body?

Kratom products have certainly been gaining in popularity recently, but many people don’t know what the big deal is all about. Why are these products a common point of debate nowadays, and what can you do to inform yourself about their potential and the controversy surrounding them?

Well, you can get started with what we have prepared for you below, as we’ll explain a bit of what Kratom is, how it can affect your body, and how long it will stay in the system. If you already have your mind made up and are just looking for some additional research, you can head on over and buy Kratom from this site once you get done reading.

What Is Kratom?

Kratom is a tree indigenous to Southeast Asia used for centuries as a stimulant for people who spent long, hard days working away. In books, you’ll find it under the name Mitragyna speciosa, and in the nature of, for example, Indonesia, you’ll find it as a relatively tall and straight tree, with some thick, glossy leaves.

These leaves are the reason we’re discussing this exotic plant now – apparently, they contain high levels of a particular alkaloid promptly called mitragynine which is supposed to have some stimulative properties in low doses and sedative ones in increased dosage. The most common form you’ll find Kratom on the US market is a powder, which is essentially just dried and ground leaves.

How It May Affect Your Body

Now, the FDA and some earlier research concluded that Kratom has no proven health benefits and that it can even be dangerous if taken in large amounts. The part about it being hazardous is undoubtedly true. Like with any other substance that has sedative properties, too much can lead to severe consequences.

However, if we look at the other side of the coin and ask the people who have been using Kratom to deal with their various medical conditions, it’s a whole different tune. They don’t have anything bad to say about it. Supposedly it helps them deal with chronic pain, anxiety and stress, and even opiate withdrawal. Now, all of that is still up for debate, as much more research needs to be conducted to make a final assumption, but now you have insight from both sides, and you can discern what sounds logical to you.

How Long Do the Effects Last?

With a “standard” dose of Kratom, the effects of slight euphoria and jitteriness last between an hour and three. “Standard” because we don’t have enough research to determine what is the exact dosage you need to take for getting the desired effect. But, if we once again turn an ear towards the community that uses Kratom regularly or semi-regularly, we’ll be able to hear that that dose should be around 1-5 grams, depending on your weight, constitution, and method of consumption.

Any higher dosage and you’re moving into sedative territory, which there isn’t much information about, but pay attention, as it is possible to overdose on Kratom, even if it is of entirely natural origin.

How Long Does It Stay in Your System?

First thing’s first, and to answer the question that’s probably been moving around in your head, Kratom does not show up on the majority of traditional drug tests. No guarantees, but the chances are pretty low it would get picked up by your standard test. The other thing is that how long Kratom stays in your body depends on many things, like your age, build, genetics, and the daily intake of food and water.

But, depending on all that and how often you take it, scientists guess that mitragynine could have a half-life anywhere between 24 hours and a full week. Emphasis on “guess,” as the only real research conducted until now has been on animals, hence the scientific guesstimation. We should also mention that there is a specialized drug test meant to find Kratom specifically, called the kratom 10-panel drug test, but once again, the chance of randomly getting that one is astronomically low.

In Conclusion

That should be pretty much about everything you need to know about Kratom and how long it will stay in your system, both actively, and passively once the effects wear off. The information isn’t exactly precise, but that’s only due to a lack of research. Hopefully, that’ll change in the near future. We’ll be able to provide some estimations on the half-life of mitragynine that isn’t based on animal testing and transferring those results to an imaginary human system. In any case, remember to always do your research and buy Kratom responsibly. You do not want to gamble with your health, so do your research thoroughly and purchase something when you are confident that it is safe!


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