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How to Sell CBD and Cannabis Smoking Accessories Online

How to Sell CBD and Cannabis Smoking Accessories Online

CBD Merchant Accounts

Cannabis is currently illegal according to federal law; however, partly because of CBD oil's potential medical value, states are legalizing this substance's production and sale. As a result, merchants who sell hemp CBD are scrambling to open a high-risk CBD merchant account that can process payments, especially for businesses selling CBD and smoking accessories at the same on the same website.

Smoking Accessories Merchant Accounts

When you are the owner of a smoking accessories business, finding merchant services for smoking supplies is essential before generating sales. Obtaining credit card processing through a standard processor can lead to unexpected freezing or termination of your merchant account due to the high-risk nature of selling smoking accessories. What if there was a solution for both CBD and smoking accessories that would virtually eliminate these roadblocks to success?

CBD & Smoking Accessories Merchant Accounts

RS Merchant Services INTL has the solution not found anywhere else that allows CBD products to be sold alongside smoking accessories online and in-person. Their program allows for a lower credit card rate than your standard rate for CBD merchant account processing and freedom to sell products like bongs and dab rigs. This solution allows high-risk merchants to use cannabis-related terms, images, and video to deliver content without common restrictions.

Smoking Accessories and CBD merchants reach out because their previous processor has shut their business down or won’t allow them to sell the mix of products they need to compete. While a shutdown can occur at any time, it most commonly happens without proper warning. Change your credit card processor for a service provider with over 27 years of credit card processing experience.

RS Merchant Services INTL: The Credit Card Processor To Trust

RS Merchant Services INTL is positioned to accept wholesale and retail online smoke shops belonging to industry types that traditional processors would otherwise reject. Specializing in high-risk, such as CBD and smoking accessories merchant accounts, RS Merchant Services INTL delivers what you need to get your business selling safely.

Get competitive rates for processing the sale of CBD and smoking accessories tailored to your business and volume. Before you apply for a low or high-risk merchant account, it's good to know your specific level of risk. All merchant account providers have criteria for classifying businesses’ risk levels, but there are several characteristics for both merchant account types.

About RS Merchant Services INTL

RS Merchant Services ITNTL represents the credit card processing industry with the USA's top Banks and processors. Unlike the bank, they don’t capitalize from small businesses with penalties and excessive rates. RS Merchant Services has solutions for all business types and specializes in payment processing for legal cannabis and related industries.

The RS Merchant Services INTL team is available with dedicated consultants every business day to help answer questions and provide valuable support. If you have questions about your business's risk level and seek new credit card processing for CBD and smoking accessories, schedule a free consultation with Ruben Santino, the president of RS Merchant Services INLT.


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