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Look at Different Consistencies: A Detailed Guide to Working with Rosin

Look at Different Consistencies: A Detailed Guide to Working with Rosin

Look at Different Consistencies: A Detailed Guide to Working

These days, Rosin has taken over the top shelves at shops and dispensaries. Many customers opt for getting these for a wide array of different reasons. For those who prefer quality over flavor, Rosin is the right decision to make. 

It is widely known for its characteristics and overall versatility. Best of all, consumers can use this procedure in their homes by purchasing commercial Rosin press. The procedure is not complex, but that doesn’t mean that the users do not need to understand the most relevant part of the procedure. 

Users do not need to use other chemicals to enhance the process. In some other cases, you can see things such as butane or propane. Today, we want to shine a light on this subject by providing a detailed guide on how to work with Rosin in greater detail.

Determining Goals

Look at Different Consistencies: A Detailed Guide to Working

The first thing for you is to determine the overall goals of the process and how to get to them reasonably. Determining your goals before the procedure starts will help you know how to reach these goals as best as possible. 

The plan should be detailed by including how much time you need for this procedure, the resources you need to invest, and how much effort is needed for it to finish. Every aspect of the procedure has an immeasurable effect on the product. 

That’s why it is important to plan it out completely. Later, with practice, it becomes easier for you to finish the process as soon as possible without time waste. Thankfully, you can find the instructions on how to do this online. 

Beginners might be satisfied with something they have produced, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t strive to perfect their craft. Today, every user can purchase a commercial presser and make these in their home, which makes the process significantly easier. 

You can even create a challenge for yourself. Purchase different strains, practice your craft, and then compare the results. By doing so, you will see whether you have made something you will enjoy. Achieving this result might seem too long, but it’s worth it.

Working with Different Strains

Getting the highest quality of your material is the ultimate goal when you press the Rosin flower. But, naturally, you cannot achieve that without having quality cannabis flowers. So, it is important to seek the best products on the market. 

Thankfully, there are so many stores out there, both physical and online, where you can find these. But, no matter which one you choose, the first thing to do is to dry it. Furthermore, you should cure only lightly before the extraction process. 

Of course, the material should be as fresh as possible. Humidity is another important aspect you should pay attention to. However, you should pay attention that these are not too wet. In most cases, you will see that flowers' humidity should be between 60% and 65%. 

That way, the extraction process will be proper. Even if you get the best possible conditions and don’t work properly with a plant with good genetics, your product will not be on the proper level of quality. So, researching until you find the right one is an absolute must

Therefore, you shouldn’t limit yourself to the best strains you can find online. Instead, you should try as many of them as possible and seek the one that meets your needs and preferences. One of the ways to determine their quality is the aroma you will get from them.

What Equipment Do You Need?

Not that we understand the crucial things about strains, but we want to point out the equipment you need for this procedure. We will focus on additional equipment since we’ve already discussed the press.

Rosin Bags

Rosin bags are where you keep cannabis flowers and prevent them from mixing with other materials that can damage them. The contamination of the material will cause a problem for the end product, and that’s why you need to keep it safe.

Besides that, filter bags also help maintain consistent pressure on the material during extraction. By doing so, they help with increasing the rosin yields. The ideal choice for you would be to find bags between 90 and 160 microns in size.

Parchment Paper

The parchment paper is essential for catching the fresh rosin immediately after the extraction. In this case, you should use a part of the parchment paper folded in half. When you have it, the next step is to place the rosin bag between the layers.

As you can see, having parchment paper is essential since you will have a much easier time throughout the process. Fortunately, coming across parchment paper is quite easy these days. You can find it practically anywhere, but we recommend you check out some online stores.

What Temperatures are Too High?

Look at Different Consistencies: A Detailed Guide to Working

The temperature is a crucial aspect of the extraction procedure. But simultaneously, you should be careful about the temperature being too high. When that happens, the terpenes can get damaged. As a result, they impact the final product's quality. 

The aroma, flavor, and other aspects will not be on your desired level. The most volatile terpenes will start getting damaged at temperatures as low as 21 degrees Celsius. You can do a simple test. Put your cannabis in your room and ensure the temperature is 21 degrees Celsius.

You will immediately feel the odor, which means that the terpenes have started to evaporate. Up to 95% of terpenes are lost when the temperature is too high. However, we can see that the new frozen process will help preserve the terpenes as much as possible. 

So, you will see that there are ways for you to preserve them as much as possible before the process. In the process itself, most of them will start evaporating at 93 degrees Celsius.

Closing Thoughts

Knowing how to handle cannabis before, during, and after the rosin extraction process is crucial for getting a high-quality product. In our guide, you can find all the ways to achieve just that.

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