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Insights of the Medical Cannabis Culture in Puerto Rico

Insights of the Medical Cannabis Culture in Puerto Rico

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Marijuana has been a sacred plant used since ancient times, most of the planet's ancient civilizations left evidence of its medicinal and ceremonial use, its multiple properties and benefits make it one of the most powerful plants found in the vegetal kingdom. So much so that according to data from the Medical Cannabis Regulatory Board of the Department of Health of the Puerto Rican government, this plant helps reduce muscle pain and inflammation, stimulates appetite, reduces nausea, reduces symptoms of chronic diseases, decreases premenstrual discomfort, it helps prevent seizures, reduces pain, is a muscle relaxant, a natural antispasmodic, is a tranquilizer, provides palliative treatment with an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, helps fighting insomnia.

Puerto Rico

The legalization of medical marijuana made the US associated island the new hot spot for global cannabis tourism and, without any doubt, a new economic engine for Puerto Rico. According to ICEX, a Spanish public business entity, in 2020 alone the sector achieved approximate profits of more than USD 50 million with just 92,500 registered patients, 70 dispensaries, 11 transport licenses, 20 factories, 3 laboratories and 20 growers. But these figures were exponential, today even the government has limited the granting of new permits to avoid saturation of the market that, according to reports from the Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Día, until April 2022 already served more than 119,664 patients through 277 clinics.

Green Business boom 

Since then, and despite the fact that smoking is still illegal, the culture of cannabis on the tropical island has been more accepted and has become part of Puerto Rican daily life, there are more and more places where products for medicinal and recreational consumption are offered , dispensaries are common throughout the San Juan metropolitan area, disposable cbd vaporizers and their derivatives are found in all gasoline stations, including; In Puerto Rico, more edibles are consumed per person compared to the rest of the American nation, as 3.7% of the Puerto Rican population is licensed for medical cannabis, surprisingly one of the highest levels in the entire United States. For this reason, this Antilles is a promising destination for fans of cannabis culture and Smokerolla has carefully taken on the task of preparing the following selection of all the must-haves that a pothead cannot miss in this land of  tropical splendor.




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 Author Reference Jaime Romay @jayromay

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