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The Worst Advice You Could Ever Get About Vape Juice

The Worst Advice You Could Ever Get About Vape Juice

In the last couple of years, we have witnessed the rise of the vaping industry. Vaping brands are swarming the internet with tons of vaping products. Vaping is a multi-billion business bound to get bigger, with the next-generation vape devices coming to set in new standards. 

However, just like with all things, some people claim that vaping is the best thing ever, while some say it's nothing but bad practice. On the other hand, more and more people view vaping as a dangerous way to introduce nicotine to younger generations. 

The truth is one though – there are many misconceptions about vaping that arise from the lack of knowledge about vaping, its dangers, and benefits. With that in mind, here is some of the worst advice you can get about vaping that you should avoid when thinking about whether you should buy vape juice online.

Vape Pens Are the Best

Since vape pens were among the first vaping devices in the market, many people still cling to a somewhat archaic view that these are the best devices of them all. However, I'm afraid that's not right as there are so many different types of excellent vaporizers on the market. 

There are electronic cigarettes that are designed to resemble traditional cigarettes. However, they lack a more comprehensive range of functionalities and features. There's also an upside here – they are still the easiest to use and most affordable devices. Perhaps, this is why so many newbies go with e-cigs. 

Nowadays, the latest vape pens offer a high level of customization and separate components that allow the user to modify their devices and make each vaping session more enjoyable. 

These pens also allow users to refill them, eliminating the need to buy carts. Finally, there are also vape mods, the latest addition to the range of vaping devices. 

Mods are trendy, especially with younger vapers. Mods range from the easiest to use with the most straightforward customization to the most advanced models with a wide range of features. 

Vape Juices Contain Harmful Chemicals


Many people will wrongly tell you that you should stay away from vaping liquids as you don't know what's in them. This doesn't seem right as most reputable vaping brands allow users to check the nature of ingredients in their vape juice products, including the conditions in which the juice was made.

Reputable vaping brands sell products that only contain four main ingredients: nicotine, propylene glycol, natural or artificial flavoring, and vegetable glycerine. You should be able to find these on the label easily. Reputable brands mark these on the vape juice bottles. 

Since the industry standards are rigorous, major manufacturers sell e-liquids with the safest ingredients, while offering a wide range of great flavors.

Vapers Are Just Fancy Nicotine Junkies

Definitely, the worst advice you can get about vaping. The number of people who vape for its fun is increasing and trust us when we say that these vapers don't want anything to do with nicotine. They want their vape juice to have low or no nicotine at all. 

According to some vaping brands, the demand for low nicotine juice is more significant than ever. This is why there are more and more brands offering nicotine-free juices. Believe it or not, but vaping isn't anything like smoking and has nothing to do with the need for nicotine. If someone told you to avoid vaping because you can turn into an addict, don't listen to them.

Vaping Can't Help You Quit Smoking.

Electronic cigarettes were designed as the first efficient tools to help smokers deal with their addiction. The moment the vaping industry took the world by storm, the number of smokers has been dwindling. 

The increasing popularity of vaping led many to quit smoking. Since many advanced vaping devices allow users to control the amount of nicotine they consume, vapers can eliminate the need for nicotine. 

While this takes time and requires a decent dose of discipline, it's possible to go with vape juice with less nicotine concentration and gradually reduce the dosage until you start using no nicotine liquids.


The misconceptions surrounding vaping are many, and they mostly come from a lack of knowledge. Many people want to believe things they heard from others without taking the time to check for themselves. 

The internet made almost any information available today. It's not hard to do some research on your own before you decide to give vaping a try. Investing in a starter kit is about the only investment that you'll have to make. That aside, vaping is less harmful to your health, more socially acceptable, and affordable than smoking.

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