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Vapers Warned About Possible Explosions or Fire If They Use the Wrong Battery

Vapers Warned About Possible Explosions or Fire If They Use the Wrong Battery

Are you using the right vape battery?

The government has warned both vape and e-cigarette users to only utilize the charging devices and batteries that are provided by the manufacturers to prevent accidents. 

According to the OPSS (Office for Product Safety & Standard) as well as CTSI (Chartered Trading Standards Institute), if users failed to follow, it could potentially cause fire risks and worse explosions. This warning takes place since the number of vape users is growing very rapidly. As a matter of fact, between 5.4% to 6.2% of all adults in Britain are currently using vapes and e-cigarettes.

On the other hand, the campaign has been established as a series of accidents have seen vape devices catch fire, including one that which left him with devastated teeth.

In 2018, another incident also happened when a guy in Florida died because his vape exploded and 80% of his body burned.

The majority of e-cigarettes and vapes are using 18650-style batteries. These are relatively bigger compared to the usual AA batteries.

The CTSI and OPSS said that such batteries are commonly available on the market, however, users need to be extra careful about assessing the volts. Moreover, they are advising users to only utilize the charger that comes with the device and not phone chargers or other counterparts.

According to Mark Gardiner, CTSI’s product safety lead officer, there have been various reports of dangerous failure modes of the vape devices that have these batteries, leading to serious injuries and death as well. He also said that where products are provided with the battery already mounted, the device’s manufacturer has added battery management systems to guarantee safe discharging and charging.

Nevertheless, aside from using the right battery and charger, there are other ways that you can do if you want to have a safe vape experience, and here are some of them:

  •  Buy from A Reputable Supplier

It may be tempting to buy the first vape device you will see. However, keep in mind that it is not a good idea since there’s a possibility that you may end up with a low-quality product that will do more harm than good to you. That is why it is best that you buy from a reputable seller like SMOK Mag Grip.

  •  Don’t Dry Burn the Coils

Dry burning, in case you didn’t know, means that you’re pressing the fire button but you don’t have juice in place when doing. Many vape users dry burn the coils to ensure that they are obtaining an even distribution of temperature, but little did they know this can badly affect the metal structure of their device.

The temperature may get up easily for up to 700-degree Celsius or 1,290-degree Fahrenheit. Please note it is not good for the durability of the mods.

Final Say

Surely, vaping is more beneficial than smoking. But when you use it irresponsibly and incorrectly like using the wrong batteries, you may end up making serious problems especially if you encounter fire or explosions.

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