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Your Guide to Finding the Best Cannabis Pipes for Your Needs

Your Guide to Finding the Best Cannabis Pipes for Your Needs

It's official: marijuana has gone mainstream. With more than 22 million people in the United States smoking cannabis each month, there's little room for debate that green is gold.

Maybe you're new to smoking weed, or maybe you want to up your marijuana pipes game. Don't worry! For rookies and veterans alike, we can help you find the best cannabis pipes to fit your needs.

Some people smoke weed for recreation, others for medication. Some people prefer glass pipes, others prefer hookahs and still, others standby their best water bong pipes or bubblers. Whether you want something for your own self or a big huge bowl to share, we've got you covered. 

Check out our guide to finding the best cannabis pipes for your needs.

The Best Cannabis Pipes By Type

Let's break down good weed pipes by type, so that you know what you're looking for. There are different materials, shapes, and types of the best pipe to smoke weed.

Marijuana Glass Pipes

These are pretty standard. Most people who smoke weed have a glass pipe, or at least know what they are. You can get them in all different shapes, sizes, and price ranges.

One thing about glass pipes is that you can see yourself smoking weed, which means you can gauge the size of your hits. That is until you build up so much resin that you can't see inside anymore.

Another cool feature of a lot of glass pipes is their ability to change colors. Depending on what kind of marijuana glass pipes you are looking at, some change colors into beautiful psychedelia with heat from the plant's combustion.

If you're looking for a compact and easy smoke, a glass pipe is pretty good. Some people buy cases for them because they're glass. And that's not a bad idea if you plan to take it lots of places. If your pipe will live at home and you're a careful person, you should be OK without a buffer case.

Big Glass Pipes

Small glass cannabis pipes are available at great headshops for prices from about $5 to about $40. These can have different shapes and are often made of colored glass, heat-sensitive glass, or a combination. Some have skulls, while others have stripes.

The sky's the limit on cannabis pipes of glass! They can be all bowl sizes, too. The typical smaller glass pipe fits about 1/5th of a gram of marijuana into it.

Make sure you're using your grinder!

Big glass pipes are absolutely beautiful and are often considered glass art by connoisseurs. They can be the size of your arm and might have a typical "grandpa's pipe" type of shape. 

Some change colors, but other large marijuana glass pipes are just as beautiful as clear pieces. Others have glass accouterments, such as colored stripes or scenes. We've even seen a Spongebob pipe!

Our online headshop has cannabis pipes and everything else you need for a great smoking experience. Check out our collections!

Water Pipes

Water pipes, also called bongs, have really taken a turn for the artful in recent years, as well. There are themed bongs for movies and characters, as well as color-changing ones. 

Bongs can be plastic or glass, but the glass ones are considered the most beautiful of the cannabis pipes. From three-foot-tall bongs to those with ice chambers, there's an infinite amount of variety in this type of cannabis pipe.

Water pipes are often used by power smokers but are also helpful for those using cannabis as a medicine. When you filter the smoke through water it is less harsh, and the addition of cooling ice can make it easy on the lungs.

Cancer patients and those with chronic diseases often report that the elegance and beauty of their bongs match the ease of use and enhance the taste as the smoke is cooled when it reaches their lungs.

You can get affordable water pipes or expensive art bongs. Some have even sold for $100,000!


For those who like to "smoke and go," one-hitters are perfect. We don't recommend that you travel with marijuana more than the legal amount in your area, but if you're taking it on the road or to a concert, a one-hitter can be perfect. 

One-hitters often look like cigarettes and come in a double-chambered wooden case that isn't much larger than a credit card.  One chamber holds the smoking apparatus, and the other holds ground up weed.

You can "pack" the marijuana into your one-hitter cannabis pipe, and take a puff or two before quickly tapping the ash out and re-packing for another bowl. A typical chamber can hold approximately one gram of ground up weed.

One-hitters are great cannabis pipes and are typically inexpensive. They can also last a long time, and can easily be shared with virgin or veteran smokers. One-hitters are not an efficient means of smoking, meaning that your THC extraction will be higher with a bong or vaporizer.

But, they're better than a joint and pretty compact. Puff, puff, pass.


These are becoming more popular as weed goes more mainstream. Vaporizers can come in small pen-sized pipes or can be as large as a bong. These heat your cannabis up to a certain temperature that vaporizes the THC but doesn't combust the organic material.

Vaporizers are good — especially for medical patients, but they are not typically as artful or beautiful as glass marijuana pipes. 

A good weed pipe can be the best gift for the cannabis smoker you love! Also popular are edibles and oils, but smoking out of cannabis pipes remains most people's favorite means of getting their green.

Don't Forget Your Accessories!

Now that you understand what kind of cannabis pipes suit you, it's time to think about accessories. There are grinders, stash boxes, papers, and more that you'll need to have on hand for all your weed needs.

At Smokerolla, we're focused on making sure you have the best cannabis pipes, accessories, customer service, and more. We have an online store and are proudly based in California. Check out our favorite accessories that you need from a house of pipes right now!

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