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15’ Triple Matrix Percolator Glass Water Pipe

Original price $ 65.98 USD - Original price $ 65.98 USD
Original price
$ 65.98 USD
$ 65.98 USD - $ 65.98 USD
Current price $ 65.98 USD
Color: Light Black

The triple matrix water pipe glass water pipe stands at approx. 15 inches tall and features some next level smoke filtration. Smoke enters the 90 degree fixed downstem and is immediately filtered via the first matrix percolator. The smoke continues up the pipe and is filtered two additional times before hitting the smoker's lips. 

A true scientific glass design available in several color options. 


  • Height: 15"
  • Diameter: 4.7"
  • Percolator: Triple Matrix Percolators
  • Comes with bowl (Not Pictured)

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