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Crown Nectar Collector Kit

Original price $ 18.99 USD - Original price $ 18.99 USD
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$ 18.99 USD
$ 18.99 USD - $ 18.99 USD
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These nectar collector kits are designed to inhale the vapor from wax and thick oils.

They include a hand-blown glass nectar collector (hand pipe) body with a slime-colored waistband, a 10mm titanium nail, and a quartz glass dab dish.

  • Height: 6-inches
  • Weight: 2.5 ounces
  • Included: Titanium Nail & Quartz glass Dish

    For those unfamiliar with the process, here's how to use a nectar collector: (they all basically work the same.)

    - first, the user puts some concentrate (wax, oil, crumble, shards, etc.) sufficient for one or more hits, into a quartz glass bowl or dish. (or you can dab directly from whatever you store your favorite concentrate in.)

    - then, the Titanium nail (the TIP) of the nectar collector gets heated up BY A TORCH. (because a lighter won't get hot enough to begin to VAPORIZE the concentrate when the tip touches it.)

    - then, when you feel it's JUST THE RIGHT TEMPERATURE (not too hot and not too cold!), touch the tip of the nectar collector to the concentrate. This starts the vaporization process. (You can tell when this is happening because you will see some smoke starting to swirl around in the body of the nectar collector.)

    - that's the point where the smoker should gently (using light and long slow draws) start inhaling the vapor from the mouthpiece.

    - Keep in mind that the angle of the nectar collector should be vertical (or nearly so) and not horizontal when you are drawing on it so you can avoid accidentally drawing up some of the actual concentrate into your mouth (yucky!) in case you draw too hard.

    (Note that this is a common experience for nectar collector newbies, but easily solved by simply trying it a few times and experimenting with the tip temperature and drawing intensity (how hard you inhale) from the collector as well as the vertical angle that you hold the unit while you draw.)
    In other words, you're looking to inhale just that beautiful VAPOR and NOT draw up the concentrate itself. Think to yourself: "draw light to make it hit just right"!

    Last note on ALL nectar collectors:
    - They are awesome, but obviously SIMPLER (and thus a little more primitive) alternatives to traditional dab rig setups with a banger or nail and carb cap.
    In those kinds of setups, it's easier to know when to start drawing in the vapor as it goes through some kind of visual filter process in the rig. 

    It's probably also true that most nectar collectors are usually used by "experienced dabbers" that understand the process, but we also recognize that their simplicity is attractive to newcomers to the process too! 

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