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Daze Glass - Spinning Dna & Turbine Perc Glass Water Pipe

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$ 61.58 USD
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Experience a smooth smoking experience with the Daze Glass Spinning DNA & Turbine Perc water pipe. This glass pipe features a unique, two-chamber design with a spinning double helix percolator and turbine bottom. Enjoy maximum filtration and reduced drag as you inhale.

Is smoking in your DNA? Then you need this is a one of a kind DNA themed glass bong. Smoke enters the 14mm joint into the water and is filtered through the turbine percolator located right at the top of the green accented base. The turbine percolator creates a mini smoke tornado which moves up the water pipe and makes the DNA percolator spin during each inhale. The combo of these two percolators results in a smooth hit and fun smoking experience every time!


  • Awesome turbine and Spinning DNA percolator 
  • 14mm joint size
  • Premium borosilicate glass
  • Sleek design with interior worked glass

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