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Freak Pack Lion Rolling Circus Bundle

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Freak Pack by Lion Rolling Circus

What's Inside the Freak Pack? 📦

Introducing the Freak Pack by Lion Rolling Circus, the essential bundle for rolling enthusiasts looking for premium, eco-friendly products with a unique flair.

  • (1) Ultra Thin Paper King Size: High-quality, ultra-thin rolling papers for an even burn and pure taste. 🌿
  • (1) Six Different Hemp Wraps: Variety pack of tobacco-free hemp wraps, each offering a unique flavor experience. 🌈
  • (1) Pre-Rolled Filters: Convenient pre-rolled filters to enhance airflow and filtration. 💨
  • (1) Silverline Regular Filter Tips: Premium filter tips for crafting the perfect roll with precision. ✂️
  • (1) Small Tray with Assorted Designs: Stylishly designed tray to organize your rolling space. 🎨
  • (1) Rolling Tray Magnetic Lid: Magnetic lid for secure, spill-proof storage and portability. 🔒
  • (1) Rolling Machines: King size rolling machine for perfect rolls every time. 🔄
  • (1) Rolling Paper Cover Protector: Durable protector to keep your rolling papers in pristine condition. 🛡️
  • (1) Goodies Astray: Artistic ashtray to complement your rolling ritual. 🚬
  • (1) Plastic Cone Blunt Stash: Discreet and durable stash for keeping your rolls fresh and protected. 🕵️‍♂️

About Lion Rolling Circus 🎪

Lion Rolling Circus has become a standout name in the world of rolling products, known for its eclectic and freaky aesthetics. Since its inception, the brand has committed to creating high-quality, visually striking products that cater to those who like their smoking experience to be both a personal and a communal spectacle. With a commitment to sustainability and originality, Lion Rolling Circus continues to innovate and inspire the rolling community worldwide.

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