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Lock-n-load Chillum

Original price $ 13.99 USD - Original price $ 265.00 USD
Original price $ 265.00 USD
$ 13.99 USD
$ 13.99 USD - $ 210.00 USD
Current price $ 13.99 USD
How many would you like to buy?: 1 Lock N Load + 1 Free Clipper Lighter

This awesome little one-hitter glass pipe doubles as a chillum. It's called a Lock - N' - Load because you load it, smoke out, and then lock it... (and then most likely load it again.)

Or, you can load it, lock it, and carry it around until you're ready to hit it, and your mini bowl of an herb will be nice and clean and dry no matter where you put it.

Or, you can smoke it, load it, and then lock the airtight lid on it again... and then load it again? or maybe even smoke the lid? (oops, we forgot because we loaded it too many times!)

Anyways, this little unit is perfect for mobile excursions where you want to hit some herb but be super lowkey about it. Concerts and clubs and parties come to mind, but you can take this weed pipe anywhere, please.

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