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10’ To The Moon Bong

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Original price $ 48.00 USD
Original price $ 48.00 USD - Original price $ 48.00 USD
Original price $ 48.00 USD
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Current price $ 26.00 USD

Welcome to 10 To The Moon, the ultimate bong experience! This luxurious glass bong is perfect for any high-end smoking enthusiast. Crafted from size-labeled, extra thick glass and an ergonomic design, 10 To The Moon provides a truly out-of-this-world experience.

The 10-inch height makes it tall enough to produce big clouds of cool smoke, while its diffused downstem offers multiple levels of filtration. An adjustable bowl allows you to easily change the amount of herb used, and a 10-slit showerhead percolator ensures an incredibly smooth and flavorful hit each and every time. Even better, the glass is heat-resistant - no more boiling hot bong water!

This show-stopping bong is sure to be the life of your next smoke session. Get lost in the stars and experience 10 To The Moon - order yours today!

10" To The Moon Bong 

14mm Male Bowl Included

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