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Smell-proof Backpack

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$ 65.99 USD
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Color: Red


  • Multiple Pockets (3 Zippers)
  • Smell Proof Compartment w/ Zipper
  • Laptop Compartment 
  • Made of Polyester
  • Dimensions: W:13" x H:19" x D:37"

Smell-Proof Backpack

The Smokeyz Smell Proof Backpack is the perfect backpack for those who enjoy life on the go. The backpack has multiple pockets, allowing you to pack everything you need for a session into one backpack. Arguably the greatest feature is the bottom smell-proof storage compartment. This smell-proof compartment is perfect for stashing anything that may have a strong scent. As a result, you're able to walk around without drawing attention to yourself. It's Stress-Free traveling knowing that not a single person around you can smell whatever goodies you might be carrying.

Smokeyz Backpack

“Oh! What’s that smell? What an abomination is that! I simply cannot take it anymore!”

This must be something you have probably heard. Pretty embarrassing, right? Well, we don’t blame you. Smelly cargo can be a turn-off, and there is not much that you can do about it—until now.

This is where smell-proof backpacks come into play. More space, no smell, at measly prices? Sign us up for it!

Smokeyz Backpack 

As we have previously stated, having a smell-proof backpack can be such a boon. Lucky for you, Smokeyz backpack has your back covered (pun intended). With its super cool science magic along with an exquisite sense of style, it is bound to make you carry some serious baggage of fashion. 

Smell Proof

How does this magic come about; you might ask? Simple. The backpack has an activated-carbon layering that essentially absorbs all the smelly stuff, thereby not allowing it to escape to your surroundings. Moreover, there are layers of antibacterial elements that neutralize these odors. 

There are also micropores that aid in better management of these odor particles. That’s a whole lotta science jargon, all you need to know is that these are more reasons for you to get this backpack right away. 

Hidden Compartment

We’ve got more for you. Sure, this backpack is smell-proof, but there is an additional layer of security too. Honestly, even we had a tough time looking for this compartment, so you can figure out the rest. 

The hidden compartment is very intricately made, and you will need to properly check out the ins and outs of the backpack too (due to lack of a more appropriate word) discover it. Don’t believe us? Get yours now and find it out for yourselves (can you actually find it though?). 


Well then, who said that utility and fashion can’t go hand-in-hand? This backpack is the epitome of the idea of balance being everything. Not only are there umpteen colors to choose from, but textures, shapes, contours—ooh la la, you are going to be spoiled to the core. 

Don’t get misguided by the superficial sense of fashion. The backpack is super durable and can resist external abrasions like a true champion. 

Final Words

Well then, the Smokeyz backpack covers it all. Covers all the smell, is fashionable, and of course, is very, very spacious. What are you waiting for? Get yours now!

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