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7 Dabber Tools Every Dabber Should Have

7 Dabber Tools Every Dabber Should Have

Have you just found out about the latest buzz in recreational toking? It's all the rage. The hip and savvy can be heard in the halls of every club and cafe:

"I'm so into dabbing right now."

If you're wondering how you can get on board the latest advancement in the cannabis craze, look no further than this guide. We're going to teach you everything you need to know about dabbing, and the dabber tools you'll need to get started.

Sit back, relax, and get ready for some smooth sailing.

What is Dabbing?

Most people are familiar with the flowered form of marijuana. It's the green, sticky plant bud that you set ablaze to smoke, either in the form of a joint, a pipe, or a bong.

There are other ways of experiencing the recreational enjoyment of cannabis, too. We've all heard of pot brownies and other edibles, right?

Recently, cannabis enthusiasts have begun cultivating even more advanced forms for consumption. Marijuana-infused tinctures are created by extracting the THC (the good stuff) in alcohol, which can then be taken in liquid form with precise dosage.

Concentrates work in the same vein as tinctures, with a much lengthier process. The THC is extracted through the use of butane, ethanol, or carbon dioxide liquid. The solution is then pressurized to evaporate the liquid and then filtered to remove any excess plant matter.

What you're left with is a waxy substance high in THC-concentrate.

Dabbing is the preferred process used to then consume this waxy substance. Instead of smoking the herb with a flame, you heat and melt the wax to release its potency. So let's take a look at what you'll need in order to get started!

The 7 Dabber Tools Every Toker Needs

These are the basics to get you started. There are a few more accessories to further improve your setup or to add flair to your gear, but they're not necessary.

Let's run down the list so you can be a cannabis dabber in no time.

1. The Rig

This is the base of your setup, can't dab without it.

It functions and looks similar to a regular water bong. However, it's had a few modifications to make the process streamlined and specified to dabbing.

The major difference is that the piece where you'd normally put your flower—the bowl—has been replaced. Instead, what a dabbing rig has is a hollow holder for the nail, but we'll get into this later.

When purchasing a dabbing rig, you'll want to consider its:

  • durability
  • portability
  • water volume capacity

The first is a given, you want a rig that's going to last. In the case of portability, this is just a subjective factor based on your desires—either something you can display on your coffee table or one that fits in the palm of your hand. How much water your rig holds will affect the flavor and punch of each hit—more water is smoother on the lungs but filters out a bit of the flavor.

Also, do note that if you wish to enjoy both the flowered form of cannabis and the concentrated waxes that you'll want to use different rigs. The flavors that each has is quite unique, and any residue from the other will impart a strange aftertaste. Keep it separate.

2. The Nail

This dabber tool is the crux of the whole setup.

It's the heated element that you'll use to vaporize your wax concentrate. It fits snugly in the hollow holder of your dabber rig that we mentioned earlier.

Nails come in two, popular forms: titanium or quartz. Titanium is great for its durability, while connoisseurs will argue that quartz allows for the more authentic flavor. For the casual user, either is fine.

3. The Dabber

The best of all dabber tools!

This may seem like a basic tool, but it plays a vital role in the process. Wax concentrate is a sticky substance that'll cling to nearly anything, especially fingers.

So a dabber is used to collect a small piece of wax and transferred over to the heated nail. They come in several materials: glass, quartz, ceramic, or titanium.

And here's where you can really show off your personality: dabbers come in many designs and flourishes, from the abstract and ornate to the character-themed and cartoony. 

4. The Torch

This may raise a few eyebrows, but a torch lighter is something you'll have to invest in.

You're going to need to heat the nail up to a high degree of temperature, and a regular lighter isn't going to cut it. You'll want one that stands upright, and on the smaller size so that you'll have a little more control over the heating element. Be sure to stock up on butane fuel, too.

And you also get the added bonus of being able to make a crème brûlée! Your munchies will thank you.

5. The Cap

This is an accessory that any beginner should consider purchasing. It's not necessary, but it will greatly improve your usage of concentrates. 

The nail is a very finicky tool, requiring an almost-exact science to control. Too hot and your risk scorchy your wax, reducing the THC quality. Not hot enough and you won't activate the THC properly.

What the cap does is restrict ventilation to the nail. This slows down the process of heating it up with a torch, allowing more precision on your end.

6. The Catcher

Another optional accessory, but vital.

Why waste wax when you don't have to! Wax can be difficult to control, melting, and sliding all over the place. Makes a big mess.

Instead of cleaning out your rig of all the wasted residue building up in the water chamber, save it! This dabber tool lets you reclaim the lost wax, saving you the hassle and earning you another rip.

7. The Container

It's no secret by now that wax concentrate is sticky and messy.

Silicone to the rescue! This material is most suitable for storing wax as the concentrate doesn't form an adhesive-like bond to it like it will other materials. These silicone containers come in sizes big and small for all your needs.

Plus, it's another opportunity to show off your personality with a little pizzazz.

Dab, James Dab: License to Chill

There you have it!

It may seem daunting at first, but dabbing really becomes second nature once you get the hang of it. If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment down below. And tips from fellow tokers are always appreciated.

Check out our dabber tools now!

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