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5 Rolling Papers to Give You the Best Joint

5 Rolling Papers to Give You the Best Joint

You're on a roll. Weed at the ready, you'll soon be off to a higher place. You have most of the must-have weed accessories and the contents of your joint are high quality.

It could go horribly wrong, though, if you don't have the right rolling papers. 

Chill out and relax. Help is at hand.

Stick to one of our top five choices and you'll be sure to have the perfect smoke every time. Keep reading!

1. Elements

These rolling papers are a firm favorite loved by many cannabis users. They're liked because they're made with natural materials like rice and sugar. They also don’t come with harsh burning agents.

Once these rolling papers have burned out, there's only gum leftover and this caramelizes as it cooks. This shows you’re using a quality paper for your joint.

Each sheet is imprinted with a crisscross watermark. This helps stop runs and makes for an even burn. If you hold the papers up to the light, you'll be able to see the watermark pressed into each sheet.

The brand has products that range from hemp paper to ultra-thin rice papers. The packaging is appealing too. Rice papers tend to be a bit more difficult to roll than hemp papers but they have the advantage of being thinner with a smooth taste.

Elements papers are produced in a small Spanish town called Alcoy, in the mountains north of Alicante. Alcoy is renowned as being the world's birthplace of rolling papers in around 1700. 

Elements also have their own patented way to bring you what they claim to be a perfect fold. This, the company says, offers the consumer an easier way to roll than with regular interleaved papers.

2. Lion Rolling Circus

This brand offers a wide range of papers. These have freakishly cool Lion Rolling Circus characters that appear on the colorful packaging.

The transparent line is easily recognized by anyone who regularly enjoys rolling a joint. It's a completely vegetable-based product that allows you to actually see your weed. 

The brand also offers flavored varieties of papers from bloody strawberry to cherry baby and funky chocolate. 

There's also the silver line of rolling papers. This is the ultra-thin choice for anyone in search of a high-quality, super-fine rolling paper. These come in cool and shiny packaging.

If you hold the booklets up to the light, you'll see them reflect all the colors of the rainbow as you turn them around at different angles. The papers give a slow and even burn. They're naturally bleached and come with certified organic gum.

3. Juicy Jay's

These papers first appeared in New York in the 1980s. The creator, along with some friends, was a big LL Cool J fan.

After cruising the Big Apple in a Mustang Convertible on the lookout for the rapper himself, the company's founder got the nickname 'Cool Jay.' About ten years later, he needed a brand name for new menthol rolling papers.

Cool Jay's was the obvious choice. Next up was a watermelon flavor which was named Juicy Jay's Watermelon. Forty more flavors followed.

These papers are easy to roll and they also taste great. From banana to blueberry to bubblegum, there's a flavor to suit everyone.

Juicy Jay’s add a bit of cool to your smoke. The packaging is bright, fun, and fashionable. They're the perfect choice if you want to bring a bit of glamor to your joint. 

4. Raw Rolling Papers

Raw papers do exactly what they say on the packet. This well-known brand offers you a product that contains no dyes, chalk, or burn additives. These papers are also unbleached and are produced from plant material. 

You can choose from either regular papers or a line made from additive-free, organic hemp. Their distinctive watermark helps them to burn evenly as well as giving them a distinctive look.

The papers are thin and come with two great benefits. They're extremely easy to roll and they don't interfere with the taste of your smoke, making it a smooth and pleasant experience.  

Based in Spain, the company has a charity that helps feed and provide water to those in need across the globe. It also helps those whose lives have been adversely affected by natural disasters. 

Helping others less fortunate than yourself by purchasing Raw rolling papers will add to the great feeling of your smoke.

5. Shine 24K Gold 

They don't come much flashier than this. These 24 karat gold papers are sheer luxury. They come at a price and are available in a two-sheet pack. They're great if you want to make a statement at a big get-together with friends.

These babies have dominated the gold rolling paper market for several years. It all began in 2013 when their founder Dave D. was taking pleasure from a Black Tie cigar that had been wrapped in edible 24K gold.

Thinking this idea was fit for a king, he went on to create his own brand of extravagant rolling papers. This now means that everyone can enjoy their own bit of bling whatever the occasion. 

With the right combination of hemp and gold, these papers give a slower but consistent burn, a bit like a cigar. 

Celebrities from the rapper 2 Chainz to Miley Cyrus have given the papers their seal of approval. Shine papers have become a bit of a status symbol. The company maintains the product is safe with the edible gold part falling away as ash. 

It's true because you'll find your ashtray fills up with tiny golden flecks. These papers are a real talking point. If you can afford the luxury to send gold up in smoke, then why not?  

Spoiled for Choice 

For many people, the ritual of rolling a joint and lighting up is all part of enjoying their weed. There are hundreds of rolling papers to choose from so we've tried to help by coming up with a top-five.

Check out more tips here to help you choose the best rolling papers available.

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