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Best Bongs for Newbies to Use When Smoking

Best Bongs for Newbies to Use When Smoking

Discover the ultimate guide for new smokers seeking the perfect bong experience, featuring a curated selection of glass bongs. This article demystifies the process, offering top picks that ensure smooth, deep hits for beginners. It highlights unique options like the eco-friendly bamboo bong, the travel-friendly stainless steel model, and innovative designs that cater to all preferences.

Whether you're looking for versatility, style, or USA made glass bongs, this guide has you covered, making your first smoking experience memorable and enjoyable.

And if you're a new smoker, you should consider a water pipe or a bong. They give smoother and deeper hits that will have you smoking like a pro in no time. 

Need some ideas about bongs for newbies? We have six perfect picks below. 

  1. The Bong for Party Animals: A Gas Mask Water Pipe

Are you into looking cool and making a splash at parties? How about a bong with a gas mask? It's like using a regular bong but without letting any of the smoke escape. 

This one we're talking about is a bright green primary water pipe that connects to an all rubber face mask with plexiglass eye cutouts. It has a removable metal bowl that you can take in and out for loading and cleaning purposes. 

This mask is generally twenty-four dollars, but it's on sale right now (as of this writing) for $14.00, which is a steal. 

Will you look funny wearing? Yes! Will you get higher than you've ever been? Double yes. 

More of a Starwars fan than an end-of-the-world prepper? Check out this similar option with a Storm Trooper mask. 

  1. For the Eco-Smoker: Classic Straight Bong, In a Bamboo Finish 

Are you the eco-friendly type of stoner? If you are, you'll love this bong made out of natural bamboo. If you don't know anything about bamboo bongs, you should know that it's a super plant - it grows like a weed. Also checkout these bamboo steamroller pipes

And you can smoke weed out of it too! This pipe has a tan natural finish that's been painted over to smooth out the bamboo's natural fibers. 

There are some marijuana leaf decals adorning the top and sides for extra flair. 

The bong itself is fitted with a glass bowl loader and downstem - which is better for cleaning and looks classy with this pipe's natural appeal. 

If you want to depart from the more natural bamboo vibe, you can get it in blue, red, dark natural, or straight natural. It also features a wide stand bottom, so you don't accidentally knock it over and spill bong water on the floor. That would be a major party foul if you didn't know! 

  1. For the Metal or Deadhead: Silicone Water Pipe Skull Base Portable (Easy Clean)

If you're smoking in a situation where you need to stash your paraphernalia, you'll like this pipe. It's a small water bong made out of striped, almost tie-dyed, silicone. 

Silicone is a soft and pliable material that's easy to clean and can bend to fit in smaller places (like the drawer you hope no one ever opens). It also separates in two pieces, the skull base and the tube you take hits out of - for even better storage. 

And this isn't some smelly cheap silicone from China either. It's food-grade, so you can feel good about putting your mouth on it. 

It's priced at $25, which is an excellent price for something so versatile and made with such a high-grade material

  1. For the Psychadelic Enthusiast: 9" Water Pipe Stemless W/Grip Handle Neck 

If you like those trippy designs you see in headshops and on most dedicated weed smokers walls, you'll like the look of this basic bong. It's nine inches tall and has the classic broad base and skinny neck. 

There's some detailing mid-way up on the neck, with swirled glass that's thicker, so it's easier to pick up and move when it's hot. It also looks cool - each pipe has a different color handle neck. 

The flared bottom is where the design shines. There's almost a wave-like pattern of different blues/greens/reds (depending on which color you buy. It reminds of a shirt all the cool kids had in middle school. 

When it comes to the bowl and the downstem, they're both clear glass, which lets the pipe's colorful design shine. 

As we mentioned, it comes in three colors, amber, green, and blue. 

If you think this modest but stylish bong is up your alley, you'll only shell out around $40 for it. Most glass hand-loaded pipes are that much - so this is a must-buy! 

  1. For the Smoker Who Wants Options: The Primo Pipe 

Have you ever looked at one of your mom's skinny necked vases and thought, I want to make that into a bong? Well, if you have the primo piece set, you could! It's a DIY your own bong set (to some extent) that helps you turn any vessel into a smoking device. 

Want a sweeter hit? You can close the unique air-tight top over a Fanta bottle and bubble up some orangey goodness to go with your strain. 

This set comes in three pieces, with a storage box that you can store it in or throw away. You'll pay around $75 bucks for this unless it's on sale. It's the most expensive so far on our list, but you're getting like a thousand pipes in one. 

Now you can truly hit a water pipe anywhere! 

  1. For the Smoker on the Go: The Travel Master Stainless Steel Travelers Bong

For our final pick, we have the Travel bong made out of smell-free stainless steel. Like our last option, this one comes in parts, but the details link up together to form a beer bottle looking bong. 

It's an innovative design if we've ever seen one, and it's made from stainless steel - which doesn't hold odor. It's genuinely travel-friendly - as long as you know how to clean it. 

Bongs for Newbies 

Though our last two options are more complex, all these bongs hit like a classic water pipe. If you didn't know, you use the liquid to filter the smoke from your bowl, which gives you a smoother hit. 

It'll also give you a more powerful hit, depending on what you're used to smoking with. While these are all friendly bongs for newbies, they don't look like it - so you'll have some serious street cred. 

Ready to make one your own? You can pay for it in increments too, with the help of our interest-free partner Sezzle. 

Didn't see anything you liked on this list? Browse our more complex selection here

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