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Dabbing Tools: Everything You Need to Get Started

Dabbing Tools: Everything You Need to Get Started

You've read about it. You've thought about doing it. Now, you're actually ready to give it a go. 

You're ready to start dabbing. 

Now, all you need to do is buy the proper tools. The question you have is: what dabbing tools do you need? 

There are quite a few dabber tools needed to get the job done. Read on to find out what they are!  

Dab Rigs

First and foremost, you're going to need a dab rig. This is a specialized pipe which holds water and which carries out the dabbing process. It is absolutely essential. 

You can find dab rigs in a variety of styles and sizes, each of which offers something just a little different in the way of performance and functionality. Generally, the bigger a rig is, the more smoke it will allow you to inhale at a single time. 

When investing in a dab rig, it's a good idea to spend a decent amount of money. You're going to use your rig for a decent amount of time, and you want to make sure that it can get the job done. You won't be able to find a good rig by spending any less than $50.00. 

Think of your rig as an investment. As long as you don't break it, it's going to serve its purpose for years to come. 


The next tool that you're going to have to buy is the nail. The nail is attached to the rig and is used to vaporize the dab. It must be heated to extreme temperatures. 

Dab nails are available in a variety of different materials, including ceramic, titanium, glass, and quartz. Each type of material possesses different functional capabilities and fits within a different price range. 

The most affordable type of dab nail is the glass nail. However, these nails are affordable for a reason: they lack durability. If you're only going to dab sporadically, a glass nail will serve you fine, but if you're going to dab regularly, you'll want to opt for something a little more durable. 

Titanium, quartz, and ceramic are all good options. However, they thrive in different areas. For instance, while titanium nails heat up faster than other types of nails, ceramic nails retain heat for longer than do other types of nails. 

If you can, you should experiment with several types of nails to see which type you like best. If you can't, any nail would be good to start. 


A dabber is a simple tool. It's essentially just a metal rod that you use to pick up dab wax and place it against the rig nail. While you could really use any metal rod to accomplish this task, we recommend buying a legitimate dabber. 

Purposefully-made dabbers are designed to be as functional and as safe as possible. Commonly made out of glass, ceramic, and titanium, they can perform their function without heating up to extreme temperatures. 

While all types of dabbers will get the job done, it's recommended that you opt for a titanium one. 


It's simple: to smoke dabs, you must produce extreme heat. In most cases, this is done with the use of a butane torch. The torch is ignited, held against the rig nail, and left in place until the nail is exceedingly hot. 

There are all types of butane torches on the market today, some of which are specifically designed to accommodate dabs and some of which are designed to accommodate other purposes. While a dab-specific torch is recommended, you could easily get by with another type.

When purchasing a torch, make sure that it can produce a flame big enough to encompass your entire rig nail. Your rig nail needs to be heated consistently to produce proper results. 

Dab Concentrate

There's really no doubt about it: you can't smoke dabs without first buying dab concentrate. After all, dab concentrate is the product that you're smoking when smoking dabs. 

There are all kinds of dab concentrates on the market today, including dab wax, shatter, crumble, budder, and oil, to name just a few. Each type of concentrate carries different visual and functional characteristics. For instance, some produce a quicker high than do others. 

The only way to get a feel for the types of concentrates that you like is by smoking them. If you can, try to sample a friend's collection. If you can't, your only real solution is to start buying. 

Dab concentrates are sold all over the internet. Possessing a variety of different tastes and feels, there is sure to be one that suits your preferences. 

Dab Jar 

Dab concentrates can get messy, to say the least. For this reason, you're going to have to do something to keep them properly contained. The recommended method is to put them in silicone jars. 

There are all types of silicone dab jars on the market today. These jars come in a range of different sizes, shapes, and styles. Many of them are even designed with aesthetics in mind, made to look like items such as skulls, balls, and fruits, to name just a few items. 

Dab jars are very inexpensive. You should think about investing in at least once when you first buy a concentrate. 

Dab Mat 

One last piece of equipment that you're going to want to invest in before you start dabbing is a dab mat. Dab mats are exactly what they sound like they are: mats that are used during the dabbing process.  

A dab mat is vital to dabbing in a clean and organized manner. It will prevent your concentrates from smearing all over your possessions. It will also provide a heat-resistant place on which you can place your dab rig. 

While you could conceivably dab without such a mat, it's not recommended.  

Looking for Dabbing Tools? 

Are you on the search for dabbing tools? If so, you can find them right here at Smokerolla. We sell dab tools of all kinds, including dabbers, dab mats, dab jars, and more. 

Check out our selection of dab tools now! 

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