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Your Ultimate Buying Guide to the Best Rolling Papers

Your Ultimate Buying Guide to the Best Rolling Papers

It's happened to many of us. You go down to the local head shop to grab some rolling papers, stroll over to the paper section, and stop cold.

There are tons of options to choose from, and all of them look tempting!

Don't lose your cool! We can help you come prepared to the shop and make it back home by 4:20.

There are over 160 million books of rolling papers sold in the United States every year!

We have come up with a comprehensive and ultimate guide for choosing the best rolling papers for your needs.

So sit back and relax, grab your bong (because you don't have any papers yet), and keep reading to learn all about rolling papers and how to pick from the plethora of options that you could find on the shelf at the head shop.

Up in Smoke: The History of Rolling Papers

Have you ever wondered how those thin little papers you roll your doobies with came to be?

The history of rolling papers is much older than you might believe, and they originated as a way to roll cigarettes.

Back in the 1600's, beggars would scavenge tobacco scraps from cigar production and roll it up in bits of newspaper.

The taste was less than pleasurable and the ink on the newspapers was lead-based back then. Needless to say, newspaper cigarettes were not the most healthy option.

In Spain, they began to offer unprinted papers made by a packing paper company in the city of Alcoy.

After that, rolling paper production spread like fire throughout Europe, and then the world!

Today, many brands such as DLX, RAW, Juicy Jay's, and Elements all use production methods that are reminiscent of the original production processes used by that first factory in Alcoy.

Put That in Your Joint and Smoke It!

Factories that produce papers and blunts use a variety of materials.

Rice papers are very neutral tasting and take on added flavors during production with ease. These papers also burn quite slow because of the sugary flavors, allowing time for your herb to burn through to the core.

Flax and hemp papers are also both have a slow burning quality, with a nice flavor. You can find these in bleached and unbleached as well.

Hemp papers, in particular, can enhance the flavor of your weed while keeping the artificial flavorings to a conservative and mild level.

For those with no qualms about adding tobacco to their smoking session, .

Most blunts have two distinct layers. The inner leaf is similar to a cigarette rolling paper except made with tobacco and then a thicker outer leaf wraps on top.

These burn extra slow and can hold enough herb for large parties or for partaking throughout the day.


While flavored papers can burn faster, there are so many flavors of rolling papers that you can find pretty much anything you could imagine.

If you would like to add a touch of blueberry or a hint of cookies and cream, flavored papers will have something that tickles your taste buds.

You can even layer two flavors to create your own flavor profiles. Roll the joint with one paper, then wrap another flavored paper on top!

Size up Your Toke

  • Single: A good size if you would like to smoke by yourself or you could invite one other person.
  • 1 1/4: One and a quarter papers are more common than single wides and can hold enough for a small group to enjoy together.
  • 1 1/2: These are often rolled thicker than a standard cigarette and can always hold enough for a small group of seasoned smokers.
  • Double: These are double-edged, as the real estate you gain with a double isn't in length, but potential girth. These can hold a large amount of herb for a group, or bring too much paper to the party.
  • King: This size has the potential for a finished roll about equal to the size of a standard cigarette in width while being longer than every other size on this list, making it perfect for parties of 5 or more, or a single ganja-king.

How to Pick the Best Rolling Papers for Your Needs

The best paper for you will depend on a few factors. In the case of smoking super high-quality tasty buds, I would recommend a raw, unbleached, unflavored paper.

If you are instead trying to make a lower quality pot more enjoyable, the first thing to reach for should always be a flavored paper.

How many people are you smoking with? Smoking sessions often are a group activity.

Rolling 6 separate single wides to get a circle of friends high is too much of a hassle.

When you're smoking with four or more people, go with 1 and a half wides, or skip that and go straight for a blunt or blunt wrap.

"Ew, I don't like the taste of tobacco". Sometimes this poses an issue in the group, or a spouse or loved one doesn't partake in sweet sweet nicotine.

What if they also would like to get as blazed as the blunt smokers? Grab the doubles or the king size, and roll up a fat joint to pass.

Don't Puff, Puff, Pass up These Great Papers!

Now that you know what you are looking for in a great rolling paper, you can feel confident when sifting through the boxes of papers at the head shop.

Sometimes the perfect papers are not sold near you. Where can you turn when you need to burn?

If you are looking for something more exotic or if you have couch lock and would rather order some delivered to your front door or mailbox, we have some of the best rolling papers around and at prices that won't make your paycheck go up in smoke.

If you have any further questions about rolling papers or if you are looking for some awesome smoking accessories, pass the dutchie this way and contact us today!

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