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6 Must-Have Cannabis Accessories to Buy at Head Shops in California

6 Must-Have Cannabis Accessories to Buy at Head Shops in California

What if you've been harshing your mellow by buying the wrong cannabis accessories?

There are people that will tell you that weed is weed and that it doesn't matter how you get high. Take it from us, though: these people are buzzkills and you shouldn't listen to them!

With the best weed accessories at your disposal, you can take your high to the next level. And by surfing online head shops in California, you can get what you need without even leaving the house.

Ready to learn more about the best smoking accessories? Keep reading to discover our amazing guide!

How Did We Choose These Cannabis Accessories?

We've prepared an awesome list of six cannabis accessories we think are the best. But that leads to a pretty natural question: how are we defining "best weed accessories?"

Ultimately, each of these items falls under one of the three following categories: convenience, coolness, or cultivation.

For instance, some accessories make the act of preparing, smoking, or cleaning up easier. And some things are just plain cool, meaning they'll make your life better whether you're stoned or sober.

The final category is cultivation, meaning items that offer you a better high. Interested in finding out more? Keep reading to discover who made our top six!

1. Vaporizer

You might personally find vapers and the act of vaping a little annoying at times. However, this is definitely the future of getting high!

First, it allows you to customize your experience with special flavors and scents. And once you are high, you'll appreciate these extra touches even more.

Second, vaping allows you to be more discreet than smoking does. You won't have any weird or nasty smells stuck to your clothing for the rest of the day, which can sometimes be a bummer for your job and relationships.

Finally, vaping means you won't be rocking a nasty cough and scratchy throat after you've been getting high. That alone is worth the price of admission!

2. Glass Bowl

For some people, getting stoned always means using a blunt or pipe. But that's only because they haven't had their lives changed with a glass bowl!

The main thing glass has going for it is that it gives you a more "pure" experience. This is because glass, unlike other materials, doesn't burn while you're smoking.

When other materials (like plastic or wood) burn, they can negatively affect how everything smells and tastes. And on top of that, you might even be inhaling toxic fumes!

Keep it safe while keeping stoned by using a glass bowl.

3. Gravity Bong

A gravity bong is definitely among the best weed accessories you can buy. However, some stoners don't necessarily understand the benefits of using this kind of bong.

The main function of a gravity bong is to make things easier for your lungs. This is because the way you smoke from this device causes less pressure on your lungs, making the entire process of getting high much easier.

Gravity bongs also look really cool. If you take pride in showing off your paraphernalia or making smoking into a social experience, this is the accessory for you, and there are classy options for every lifestyle.

4. Travel Containers

Many stoners have fun getting high within their own home. However, plenty of people enjoy taking their marijuana with them when they go on short trips.

This brings up the classic dilemma: how do you transport your weed? The ideal container is one that keeps everything fresh while protecting your clothes and bag from the telltale marijuana odor.

Fortunately, you can now buy a variety of these containers. In addition to making transport easier, many such containers have built-in bonus features such as grinders.

If you want to take your fun on the road, then you need some travel containers!

5. Character Pipes

Sometimes, people wonder why others enjoy wearing their favorite characters on their clothes and accessories. The answer is simple: if you love these characters, you'll want to share that love with the world.

For many fans, it's enough to wear their favorite characters on t-shirts and pins. However, stoners have the chance to take their love of a particular character to the next level!

With character pipes, you can make every time you light up even more fun by reminding you of the characters and stories you love. And if you're with friends, you get to do what fans do best: share your love of your beloved characters with the world.

And of course, even when you're not getting high, these things make awesome collectibles to display on yourself, such as these . These cannabis accessories are both fun and functional: everything that a stoner needs!

6. Special Phone Case

Marijuana is more popular now than ever before. Between legalization in California and a general increase in acceptance, more people are cool with getting high than ever before.

That's why you might have fun getting a special phone case that tells others that you enjoy the marijuana lifestyle. Not only are these phone cases stylish and cool looking, but they provide a quick way for you to find other people with similar cannabis interests.

To top it off, many of these kinds of phone cases feature special components where you can hide some pre-rolled joints. This is a great way to help get the party started with your friends or to keep on hands for emergencies where you feel super stressed! 

Cannabis Accessories: The Bottom Line

Now you know what some of our favorite cannabis accessories are. But do you know who can help you find them? 

There are a ton of online head shops in California. However, only one of them understands exactly what you want and need from your marijuana experience.

At Smokerolla, we have more cannabis accessories than you can shake a joint at. Whether you want to enhance the experience of getting high or just want to rock the coolest paraphernalia, we have exactly what you need.

Ready to take getting high to the next level? Come check out  to see what you can find!

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