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The Dankest Head Shops in America Right Now

The Dankest Head Shops in America Right Now

Now that our stashes are stocked, it's time to turn our attention to the important issues, like the hardware we're using to smoke (or vape).

We're not trying to ignite the debates over whether water pipes, traditional smoking methods, or vaporizers are best for enjoying the best plant on earth. We're making the smart move to bypass that conversation altogether.

Instead, we want to talk about the places where we get our hardware, no matter what it may be. The old-fashion head shop may be a relic of the past, but there are many excellent American smoke shops keeping our counter-culture alive and thriving in the 21st century.

We've chosen to highlight a few of our favorite shops in the country right now. Read on to discover smoke shops you can add to your list of places to visit on vacation.

Noteworthy American Smoke Shops

There are many criteria we used to determine which smoke shops to include on this list, and it is anything but scientific. Some of these places made it based on their location alone. Others offer something unique to the country's cannabis scene that we just can't ignore.

Some of these stores sell only paraphernalia, and others sell the plant itself. We didn't discriminate.

We cast our net wide for smoke shops that make us proud to be Americans. Here are the ones we found.

Capitol Hemp (Washington, DC)

Since this list is about America, we decided to start in the nation's capital, where weed is basically legal. Yes, we know recreational weed still has some hurdles to jump in DC, but when it does, Capitol Hemp is already prepared.

The store's water pipe stock includes offerings from Fatboy and Illadelph. It also stocks fancy rolling papers and cutting-edge vaporizers.

NVS Glassworks (Portland, OR)

If Capitol Hemp is cutting-edge, NVS Glassworks is the tip of the knife. The store has specifically done away with the signifiers of the head shops of old. You won't find a t-shirt in sight, glow-in-the-dark or not.

NVS chooses to curate high-end glassware from regional brands like Toro, Sheldon Black, and Sovereignty. There are a couple of different locations in the city, and they all maintain a sleek, minimalist aesthetic.

Village Grannies (New York, NY)

There are almost more places to buy glassware in New York City than there are strains of marijuana. Village Grannies makes an appearance because of its sheer uniqueness.

Two legitimately hip grannies, Zviah Eldar and Vered Behr own the store, and they believe in weed as a lifestyle choice. The bowls and bongs they curate are beautiful pieces you wouldn't be ashamed to display on your living room table, or even a museum, if we're being honest.

World of Weed (Tacoma, WA)

Let's go from style to substance. World of Weed is more than just a headshop. It's a no-holds-barred dispensary where all of the products are on display.

Whether it's the head high of a Sativa, the in-da-couch feeling of an Indica, or the experimental touch of a tincture, World of Weed has got you covered. The diversity of their stock is dizzying. After all, it's a world unto itself.

Good Chemistry (Aurora, CO)

"Where is Colorado on this list?" Were you wondering?

We tried to save the show-weed state for as long as we could, but we can't hold back anymore. Hence, the appearance of Good Chemistry on our list.

This small chain has locations in Capitol Hill and downtown Denver, but we chose the Aurora location because of its sheer size. Aurora doesn't allow medical marijuana facilities, but recreational stores can stay open fairly late. Good Chemistry's array of beginner-friendly options assures that they'll have customers all the way until closing time.

Native Roots (Aspen, CO)

Now that we've broken the seal on Colorado, we can't stop.

Native Roots is another small chain, so we justify our choice of the Aspen location on aesthetics alone. After you purchase a designer strain from this beautiful smoke shop, you can stroll the high-end boutiques that surround it.

It's an experience of sensory overload we recommend.

Pipe Dreams (San Francisco, CA)

Let's go back to the good old days, with old hippies dancing in the rain during the Summer of Love. That's the vibe Pipe Dreams gives off, and it earns it with its status as the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood's oldest head shop.

Like many of the best shops on our list, Pipe Dreams shines a light on local Bay Area glass blowers, as well as local makers of ceramic vapes and artisan papers.

Smoking Tattoos (New York, NY)

NYC Kulture (New York, NY)

How can we lump two different shops into one blurb? Easy! They both represent our contingent of shops that also offer tattoos, one of the few types of pain that can pair with the pleasure of a weed shopping trip.

For even more synchronicity, both spots are on St. Marks Place. Yes, it's touristy, but it's also got marijuana bona fides. We see you, Broad City.

Secrets Smoke Shop (Chicago, IL)

Let's venture to the middle of the country, shall we? The coasts are getting enough shine on this list.

Chicago's a medical-only town for now, but it sports a high density of head shops, especially in the large Lakeview neighborhood on the city's North Side.

Secrets is one of the most meat-and-potatoes head shops on this list. There are few fancy contraptions here. Just lots and lots of hand-blown glassware

Oregon Coast Cannabis (Manzanita, OR)

The town of Manzanita elevated Oregon Coast onto this list. It's a beautiful area with options for all sorts of outdoor sports and a reputation for tasty food, cheese, and ice cream especially.

But OCC is a worthy inclusion, not only for its support of local and small-batch cannabis products but also for how it works with the Inhalem Society to sponsor meals that are farm-to-table at North Fork 53, a local bed and breakfast.


Whether you agree with all our choices or not, we hope we've stimulated your brain on the topic of which American smoke shops are truly the cream of the crop.

If you're shopping in the online arena and looking to accessorize your kit, we've got options for you.

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