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11 of the Best Smoking Accessories You Didn't Think You Needed

11 of the Best Smoking Accessories You Didn't Think You Needed

When 4:20 rolls around, all you need is some quality cannabis, a lighter, and a pipe...right? Wrong!

As marijuana pipes go mainstream, more smoking products hit the market offering innovative ways to get high. These new accessories combined with some quality bud is the reason cannabis tourism is up 51% since 2014.

Much like these tourists, seasoned smokers are searching for cool new accessories to add to their cannabis collection. So which products will enhance your smoking experience?

Here's the list of 11 of the best weed accessories you never knew you needed...until now.

1. Circus Freak Rolling Papers

Using these rolling papers is like getting stoned with "IT" the evil clown. Made by Lion Rolling Circus, they feature fun freak show prints. You'll find bearded ladies, creepy clowns, and two-headed twins.

Their Silver Line papers are ultra-thin for a slow even burn. The paper is made of natural organic fibers. It's a quality smoke that's smooth and full of flavor.

This brand also offers circus transparent, flavored, unbleached rolling papers. You can add some pre-rolled unbleached filter tips to enhance the experience.

2. Wake and Bake Coffee Mugs

Start your morning right with a coffee mug that gets you high. It holds your morning cup of joe while also serving as a hand pipe or mini bong.

The bowl gets built into the base of the mug. The mug's handle acts as the mouthpiece. You'll find a carb on the side of the mug.

These ceramic mugs come in tall or regular size. They offer a variety of fun designs and colors. We like the classic bright green model with "Wake and Bake Coffee Co" printed on the front.

Now you're ready for the perfect morning wake and bake session. All you need is a side of waffles and bacon.

3. Mini Travel Bong

This is one of the must-have cannabis accessories for those who like to bring the joy of smoking with them. A mini model is a perfect shape and size for bringing your bong on-the-go.

Select one with a base made of silicone. It's less fragile while still offering a nice smooth smoking experience. Be careful of the actual bowl, though, since these still get made of glass.

1. Wakit Grinders

Wakit Grinders are the first-ever blade-free herb grinder on the market. Wakit’s innovative technology allows you to easily grind your herb and separate thick stems without removing them first or grading them up. Preserve the quality of your bud and medicinal properties without losing any herb or kief in the teeth. Wakit’s ball and chain prevent your expensive herb from getting stuck in the grinder. A huge advantage compared to other grinders on the market. Curious about the quality of the grind? Wakit Grinder always delivers a consistent textured grind no matter how dry, moist, or sticky the herb. You have the control as to how coarse or fine you want your grind. With a 5 second grind time, Wakit proves to be the fastest electric herb grinder on the market.


  • Easy to use with one hand. People with injuries, osteoarthritis, hand tremors, or other difficulties affecting motor skills find the Wakit grinder beneficial
  • Significantly faster than other electric herb grinders on the market
  • The battery is rechargeable and is long-lasting


  • No window to view the grinding
  • Wait a second before opening the grinder after grinding. Momentum keeps the ball and chain grinding a little longer after the motor stops
  • Limited to grinding one gram at a time. But, with the speed of the Wakit, grinding multiple one gram piles of the herb doesn’t take longer than the competition

The grinder uses sharp diamond cut teeth to get a perfect sized grind every time. It features a stainless steel screen and collects pollen to save for later. It's also aluminum and resistant to scratches.

5. Rolling Machine

A rolling machine saves time and energy when you need to roll a nice collection of joints. It keeps them all consistent in size and shape.

Lion Rolling Circus makes a good quality machine. You can use it with their fun variety of freak show rolling papers.

The machine is made of lightweight plastic so it's easy to travel with. It even comes with a second mat replacement. Choose from 4 different machine colors: pink, green, blue, or yellow.

6. Formula 420 Water Pipe Cleaner

When was the last time you cleaned your pipe? Bet it's been a while...

Formula 420 cleaner offers an easy and effective way to keep pipes spic and span. It can be used on plastic, glass, or acrylic pieces.

It uses a non-toxic formula to remove the resin. There is no need to soak or scrub your pipe. The whole cleaning process takes less than 60 seconds.

7. Water Pipe Gas Mask

This was a favorite accessory of Seth Rogan and friends in the movie Knocked Up. Its likeness to Darth Vader's mask help coined the hilarious phrase, "Luke, I Am Your Stoner."

It's one of the cool smoking accessories that is a huge hit at parties. Or you can wear a Mad Max, Space Skeleton, or Storm Trooper version. They make for a cool Halloween costume.

This gas mask water pipe lets you inhale a huge amount of smoke. It may even protect you from a nuclear explosion. Or at least get you so stoned that you don't know the difference.

8. Rolling Tray

A rolling tray helps to keep your accessories, papers, and herb all in one easy to reach location. It's like a weed workstation. The flat surface makes it quick and efficient to prep your joints.

They come in small to large sizes and get made of silicone, raw wood, or metal. Choose a smaller size of 7 x 5.5 inches for joints. Or go with a larger 14 x 10 inches for blunts.

You can find these at an American head shop where they offer unique designs to add more fun. Some also have slots for holding already rolled joints. Magnetic enclosures get used on some models to keep everything contained when not in use.

9. Red Bull Secret Container Cans

40% of cannabis users choose to keep their stash out of plain sight. These containers get made from a real can of Red Bull, yet they have a secret. Use them to stash anything you don't want to get seen by the general public.

The cans use a secret screw cap to conceal your goodies. It's a safe and secure place and much less expensive than a lockbox. These cans also come in Coca-Cola or Monster Energy Drink versions.

10. All Natural Chocolate Hemp Wrap

This is another favorite from the Lion Rolling Circus brand. It tastes like chocolate-covered weed, which is as delicious as it sounds.

The wraps come in sets of 2 per pouch. Or you can get the box size which comes with 25 packs.

They are 100% natural and get made of Canadian hemp. They are non-GMO and contain no nicotine.

The wrap edges zig-zag to allow for stacking and sealing your wrap closed. They also come in other flavors which include strawberry, blueberry, or natural.

11. One Hit Wonder

You often find yourself in a situation where you could sure use a one-hitter pipe. These discreet pipes are great to use at music festivals or concerts.

It's another great accessory for taking your toke on-the-go.  keeps your weed neatly packed until ready to use.

It also has a locking mechanism that stays airtight. It lets you store your ground weed until you're ready to use it. Reload and reuse it as many times as you wish.

Where to Buy the Best Weed Accessories

You don't have to become a cannabis tourist to score the best weed accessories. Most headshops allow you to shop online. You can have the best products delivered right to your door without having to even leave the house.

Looking for more amazing weed accessories to add to your collection? Check out this blog to stay up to date on new products.

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