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All Aboard the Freaky Train!

All Aboard the Freaky Train!

Lion Rolling Circus, in tandem with its distribution mothership company Smokerolla Internatonal, made its official freaky debut in a huge way at the BIG INDUSTRY SHOW hosted at the LA Convention Center last month. 

This is an annual industry favorite among seasoned wholesalers and newbies seeking the hottest trending companies to work with and the freshest smoking accessories on the scene to carry in their stores - and we're happy to report that the FREAK CIRCUS exceeded expectations in a BIG way with our unique premium quality products and fabulously freaky marketing flair!  

Ohhh yesss, it got a little wild and crazy for everyone that met us - because THAT'S THE WAY WE ROLL! 

Check out the video above and see how Edgar the Freaky Clown and charismatic ring leader of the LRC freaky family dazzled and wowed the crowd with his enigmatic personality and trippy look and style.

The Lion Rolling Circus brand puts a significant focus on the art behind rolling a joint and uses this to our advantage as we constantly highlight and try to translate this feeling to all our branding efforts.

In today's cannabis loving world there are a great variety of ways to consume and enjoy this amazing plant.  You can heat up your flower in high-tech vaporizers, dab your concentrates in any one of thousands of styles of oil rigs, smoke your trippy water pipes or even eat or drink any number of tasty gourmet edibles and liquids to your cannasatisfaction...
All Aboard the Freaky Train!

And although all these are indeed enjoyable ways of consuming cannabis, in the end let us remind you of the world's still most favorite way of doing it - of course we're talking about ROLLING THOSE JOINTS and SMOKING THOSE DOOBIES! 

That's kind of our special thing as rolling paper providers - honoring above all the art of rolling with our passion for premium grade papers. 

Smokerolla brings this love of rolling to California and the rest of the USA with our official FREAK SHOW kickoff this month and welcome all to freak out with us as part of the US ROLLING NATION and smoke your herb with our high end full line of smoking papers and accessories called LION ROLLING CIRCUS!

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