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Look For These 5 Things Before You Buy Cannabis Edibles Online In Canada

Look For These 5 Things Before You Buy Cannabis Edibles Online In Canada

Edibles seem to have taken the spotlight on the cannabis market. More and more cannabis users are switching to these delicious treats. Which is not a miracle. It is, though, the most discreet and convenient way to take the dose of THC and CBD whenever you need it. 

In the past, people had to make these delicious treats by themselves. However, now there are online shops like Just Cannabis Weed Dispensary, where you can order different fresh edibles and have them delivered to your door. 

Marijuana for medical and recreational purposes has been legal in Canada for some time. This has led to the massive emergence of online shops selling cannabis products. That change has made weed purchasing much easier than ever. 

But, there are some things you should pay attention to before you decide to buy edibles online. Here are five things to look for before ordering edibles in Canada.

Learn How Weed Edibles Work

Look For These 5 Things Before You Buy Cannabis Edibles


With the advent of various products came various ways of consumption. If you have already tried cannabis in any form, you know what effects it has. So, if you are used to the strong kick that cannabis has when you smoke hemp flowers, edibles are not the best option for you. 

When you smoke hemp buds, you can feel the effects of cannabis almost immediately after taking the first draw. Cannabis oil can kick in after 20 minutes, but it depends on various factors. With edibles, that process is the longest. 

Usually, edibles work after 40 minutes, and sometimes, you feel the effects after two hours. Various factors can affect the speed of that process. The time for edibles to kick in varies with each individual. Regardless, edibles have longer-lasting therapeutic effects, and active cannabis compounds can stay longer in the body.

Look For the Right Dose

As we said, edibles need time to kick in. Most people think that if they take two brownies at once, they can speed up that process. That is the wrong strategy. The most important thing when it comes to edibles is dosage. 

If you want to have a good experience, you should be careful with the dosage, especially if you haven’t already tried these tasty treats. When we talk about dosing, we mean the amount of THC in one edible. THC in edibles can vary in a range from 1mg to 100mg. 

Take a good look at the product description section before you place an order. You can find out how much THC per edible is in the product you want to buy.  Many retailers have different products, so take the time to look at what's on offer.

Always Check the Label

If you want to be sure of the quality and perfection of the products you are ordering, always choose transparent vendors. There are so many shady online shops that sell edibles that are full of harmful additives, chemicals, and tones of sugar

If there’s any chance, look at the label and carefully read all the ingredients. The label should have the exact amount of THC and every other ingredient used for making an edible. That information is essential, especially for people who haven’t tried edibles yet. 

So before you rush to order edibles, see if the online shop has a section where you can find out about all the ingredients in edibles. People who are allergic to certain foods should pay special attention.

Look if the Online Shop Has a License to Sell Edibles

Another vital thing to look for is a trustworthy and reliable online shop. Many scammers on the online market will gladly take your hard-earned money without regrets. Just like physical stores, online shops should also have a license to sell cannabis products

If you don’t see that information on the shop’s website, you can always send an email or ask a customer support agent to clarify if everything is legal. As long as you have an opportunity to buy edibles or any other cannabis product from licensed vendors and legally, don’t look the other way. 

Look For Lab-Tested Products

Products that have not been tested are not safe for use. If you want to be safe and healthy, you should always be aware of suspicious offers and shady dealers. Many online shops sell edibles and other cannabis products, and sometimes it’s hard to identify a reliable and trustworthy retailer. 

By that, we mean honest ones who care about the safety of their customers. So, you need to be careful before you place an order. Untested products can be full of hazardous chemicals and additives. Ask the store if they test their products and look for lab-testing results. 


Just like any ordinary online shopping, there are certain things you should pay attention to before you shop for cannabis edibles. Be sure to follow this guide, and you will not have a reason to worry about being scammed. We hope this article was helpful. Enjoy your shopping.
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