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Make it a Valentine’s Day Lovefest with Smokerolla

Make it a Valentine’s Day Lovefest with Smokerolla

Valentine’s Day is coming up in just a few short days - and so for all you 420 lovebirds out there that want to give your significant other (or latest crush!) a 420 related gift to express how much you care about their emotional well being, (or to get closer to that ever precious first kiss), Smokerolla is here just in time with these super cutesy holiday lovefest ideas. 

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LuvBirds Bong for Two

This novel water pipe was created with 2 people in mind….

So, load up some of your most heady herb into the glass bowl and stare into the eyes of your lover or friend as you BOTH rip massive hits off it at the same time from the dual mouthpieces!

Works great for Valentines because if you're both rocking the same quality high, it probably makes it easier to get on the same page for love!

Oooh lah lah, here’s to making it happen…


Martini Glass Pipe

Well, yes…
you COULD go out to your local bar and buy a bunch of liquid Martinis for your crush and hope to get lucky…

OR, you could stay home and score this super cool Martini Glass Water Pipe and load it with your best quality herbs and see what your honey thinks of your fabulously great 420 taste!

Available in 3 different color options because different people prefer variety and different choices of “herb drinks” in their lives… 
(so tasty!)


Kandy Glass 17″ Water Pipe

It's true everyone loves getting candy on Valentine's day, so this sweet purple colored “Kandy Glass” bong is sure to hit that “G spot” perfectly! And because size (probably) matters, its impressive 17” ice catcher tube on a fat beaker base aims to satisfy even the most picky lover’s needs…

Works great for both flowers or wax depending on your preference.

Bottom line: This 420 beauty is large and in charge, so isn't it time you gave your lover what they crave?


Heart Beaker 10" Bong

There is no guilt here, only love…

And you think about how much your love crush is going to adore you when you give them this special “Heart beaker” bong from Rosehead Gear!

This lovely 420 masterpiece stands 10” high and features a triple heart ice catcher tube and pretty pink heart filter for sexy clean hits from its aesthetically-pleasing appearance. The rosewood pink bowl accents the mouthpiece, tube, and filter to set just the vibe right for that full Heartbreaker experience.

Lastly, aside from being “just as cute as cute can be”, you can also be stoked knowing this water pipe is just lightweight and portable enough to take with you almost anywhere… (Yes, even on a date!)


Because remember:

Although “Finding True Love” might technically be free, buying a Smokerolla 420gift for your love crush could be the fastest way to get there!

Good luck, you got this!

With love from Smokerolla

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