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Lion Rolling Circus

Discover the World of Lion Rolling Circus

We love Lion Rolling Circus’s products, thanks to their beautiful and intriguing designs. Their papers are of incredible quality and go through intense quality controls before reaching the market, which is why this brand is such a trustworthy choice when it comes to rolling papers.

Lion Rolling Circus has many types of smoking accessories from ultra thin papers in both reg and king sized, prerolled cones, hemp wraps, flavored rolling paper, rolling machines, rolling trays & much more. 

  • Celulose paper – these amazing papers are fully natural and eco-friendly. They’re slow-burning, and make sure that you can absorb the most original flavor from your plants. Each box has 420 papers, referencing the weed hour.
  • Flavored rolling papers – these natural papers come in exotic and interesting flavors, perfect for those that like trying new things and want to combine different flavors with their weed. These papers are not made out of hemp. (Yes, like juicy jays but better)
  • Hemp blunt wraps, which are made out of natural hemp wraps leaves and come in various flavors as bubble gum, blueberry, chocolate, mango, natural, strawberry, Gelato terpene profile hemp wrap. 
  • King sized papers, which are perfect for stoners that prefer larger joints or for when you’re going out with friends. These papers are also fully organic, and each booklet contains 40 papers.
  • Natural papers, which are classic normal papers that come in the standard size. These papers are fully organic and won’t alter the flavor of anything that you use them to roll with. 

This company is pretty easy to recognize their unusual, exotic designs and drawings. They have quite a strong online and marketing presence, appearing at every cannabis cup they can get their hands on. They actually have quite a wide range of products and all of their cigarette rolling are made with care and are of the best possible quality. All of our customers that use Lion Circus papers are never disappointed.

Lion Rolling Circus Papers has become an international, premium quality, brand phenomenon. In 2017, Lion Rolling Circus stood out from the crowd of competition by combining its rich history of smoking papers business experience, artistic creativity, bold graphics, and top quality papers products and merchandise with a freaky new attitude and relentless marketing goal to carry the freaky word of these freaky papers to the world with freaky pride.

Smokerolla is The Official Distributor in the US for Lion Rolling Circus Brand.

Step into the extraordinary world of Lion Rolling Circus! Unveil the captivating stories of our unique characters, get lifestyle tips, and explore our premium products.

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